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We offer management consulting services to clients throughout the forest products value chain, from resource providers to end users. Our unique experience allows us to recognise relevant driving forces and assess their impact on client business. We help clients capture strategic opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

One main area of our expertise lies in strategy formulation and execution regarding raw materials, markets and products. For instance, we help our clients find new business prospects in raw materiel procurement or better predict the competitive environment.

Another main area of our skills is to combine our leading-edge industry expertise and management consulting know-how with the best practices in the fields of sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity protection such as supporting our clients in forest management and chain of custody certification.

Recent study:
Billion hectares of land have potential for forest restoration

We complement the skill set of client organisations with our wide and deep industry specific perspective. Our working methods range from technical analysis to process facilitation and from sparring to scenario workshops. We work well on every level of client organisations. With our unique understanding of the whole forest industry cluster, we can interpret trends or nuances in client business landscapes.


You can find some historical background information about central Eurpoean forestry here

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2017-06-12 16:32 | Guangzhou, China, June 2017–more than 110 anti-smuggling and law enforcement officials from Guangxi, Guangdong and Hainan provinces engaged in a two day CITES[1] enforcement training workshop to help them prevent and detect wildlife trafficking.

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2017-06-12 15:41 | Vines compete intensely with trees. Their numbers are on the rise in many tropical forests around the world. A new study shows that lianas prevent canopy trees from producing fruit, with potentially far-reaching consequences for rainforest animals.

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2017-06-12 10:19 | Windhoek, Namibia, and Harare, Zimbabwe, 12th June 2017—Ministerial level workshops raising awareness against wildlife trafficking amongst Chinese nationals living and working in Namibia and Zimbabwe were jointly hosted by China’s State Forest Administration, China’s CITES[1] Management Authority, TRAFFIC and WWF last weekend, supported by the respective Chinese Embassies.

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2017-06-12 06:07 |

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2017-06-12 03:54 | May 23 2017 – INBAR held a workshop with the Ethiopian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) at Bishoftu, Oromia. The workshop aimed to update INBAR’s focal ministry, MoEFCC, on the status of three bamboo projects which are ongoing in the country: South-South knowledge transfer strategies for scaling up pro-poor bamboo livelihoods, income […]

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2017-06-12 00:00 |

More than 70 experts from over 25 countries, international organizations, processes, academia and non-governmental organizations will meet this week at the FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment 2020 Expert Consultation in Joensuu, Finland.

To support decision-makers in improving the sustainable management of forests, FRA provides consistent, up-to-date and accurate data on the world's forests and how they are changing, informing...

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2017-06-11 13:53 | Five years ago, Chut Wutty was murdered in Cambodia. He was one of Cambodia’s leading campaigners against illegal logging and land grabs. He was killed in the Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong province, while researching illegal logging with two journalists from the Cambodia Daily. Wutty’s murder was not unusual. Every week at least two people […]

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2017-06-11 05:56 |

Alumni Bill Haines Jr. and Bob Williams—one the owner of an expanse of acreage in New Jersey and the other a talented forester—provide a model for the stewardship of the state’s forests.

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2017-06-11 05:34 |

Established by Enviva Holdings, LP and administered by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, the Fund is awarding $500,000 to three projects that will help conserve more than 8,000 acres of environmentally sensitive bottomland and wetland forests.

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2017-06-10 21:08 |

The following is from a Column that I write for Timber Processing Magazine and appears in the June 2017 issue.  Special thanks to Rich Donnell and the team at Hatton-Brown Publishing for providing the platform for me to share my thoughts. The duties imposed on Canadian softwood lumber imports to the United States has everyone … Continue reading "NAHB Comments Highlight Need for Outreach...

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2017-06-10 11:57 | Sveza group has become the largest supplier of birch plywood from Russia to the USA with an 18% share, Woodbridge International Holdings is in the second place with a 13% share, Syktyvkarsky FZ is third with a 10% share. In the 4 months of 2017, 26 plywood mills of Russia supplied their products to the […]

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2017-06-10 08:13 | NORCROSS, Ga., June 9, 2017 -- WestRock Company (NYSE:WRK) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of certain operations of U.S. Corrugated, a large independent manufacturer of corrugated products for packaging and displays.

WestRock acquired five corrugated converting facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana from U.S. Corrugated, through which it provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to customers in a variety of end markets, including food...

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2017-06-10 08:11 |

Chuck Leavell is a forestry advocate and conservationist who also happens to be the keyboardist and musical director for the Rolling Stones.

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2017-06-10 05:06 |

(c) Rafał Kowalczyk

Leading European ecologists Malgorzata Blicharska and Richard Smithers are worried about the eminent demise of Europe's most important primeval forest.

How can we plead with developing nations to save their forests if developed nations won’t do the same?

The largest tract of old-growth forest in Europe...

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2017-06-10 01:09 | Feel free to download and share.  

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2017-06-09 16:51 |

2016 was an exciting and productive year for the Global Forest Coalition. We grew our membership to 86 NGOs and Indigenous Peoples Organisations from 58 countries, enabling us to reaffirm our unwavering defence of social justice and the rights of forest peoples. We grew and strengthened alliances and met the campaign goals and objectives that had been set out, and we recognised and responded to new challenges in the road ahead.

We are happy to share with you our 2016 Annual ...


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2017-06-09 15:10 |

$870M in softwood aid for Canada – The federal government announced last week that it would provide close to $870 million to support Canada’s softwood lumber producers in the face of taxes imposed by the United States.

Preliminary countervailing duties were applied on 28 April. Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr, Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland and Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne made the announcement in Ottawa.


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2017-06-09 14:49 |

The Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) has welcomed NHVR support for AFCA’s National Forestry Logistics Safety Program (NFLSP) to deliver safer roads as part of the next round of Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative program.

The Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative called for implementable, value-for-money initiatives that deliver significant heavy vehicle safety benefits. Stacey Gardiner, AFCA’s General Manager said “the initiative was one of 12 programs approved for a share of...

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2017-06-09 14:12 |

When the ATV or quad bike made its big debut at trade fairs about 10 years ago, many people sniffed and called it a toy. Today it is a self-evident work tool on a forest property. With experience from Europe and North America, Yamaha Sweden believes the next work tool is now making its entrance – the ROV or Recreational Off-road Vehicle.

With three seats, a sturdy cargo bed with a capacity of 272 kg, a roof and a 36-litre fuel tank enabling a good range, the Yamaha Viking is...

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2017-06-09 14:09 | New article with agroforestry focus by Focali researchers Eskil Mattsson and Madelene Ostwald, together with S. P. Nissanka. A synthesis of the current scientific knowledge of a multifunctional land-use system in Sri Lanka.


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