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We offer management consulting services to clients throughout the forest products value chain, from resource providers to end users. Our unique experience allows us to recognise relevant driving forces and assess their impact on client business. We help clients capture strategic opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

One main area of our expertise lies in strategy formulation and execution regarding raw materials, markets and products. For instance, we help our clients find new business prospects in raw materiel procurement or better predict the competitive environment.

Another main area of our skills is to combine our leading-edge industry expertise and management consulting know-how with the best practices in the fields of sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity protection such as supporting our clients in forest management and chain of custody certification.

Recent study:
Billion hectares of land have potential for forest restoration

We complement the skill set of client organisations with our wide and deep industry specific perspective. Our working methods range from technical analysis to process facilitation and from sparring to scenario workshops. We work well on every level of client organisations. With our unique understanding of the whole forest industry cluster, we can interpret trends or nuances in client business landscapes.


You can find some historical background information about central Eurpoean forestry here

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2017-11-22 10:42 |

In response to the devastating wildfires that have raged across California over the course of the past year, Congressman Tony Cárdenas has introduced an amendment to promote wildfire management innovation. The amendment allows the federal government to explore the use of drones in fire response and forest management and was adopted unanimously and passed in the House.

“Wildfires continue to grow in intensity and frequency, and we want to ensure that we are using all available tools to...

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2017-11-22 10:42 |

“We think Argentina provides an excellent good gateway to the South American market. Inderfor is a company with both great commitment and extensive industrial experience – the fact is that the first machine has already been contracted”, says Tobias Johansson, CEO of Rottne Industri AB.

Inderfor has been active in Argentina for over 20 years, and works in the forestry industry with different brands and products, some of which come from Scandinavia. With Rottne’s range of equipment and...

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2017-11-22 10:41 |

For the last 30 years, Autolog has been offering expertise, know-how and solutions to the wood transformation industry for large corporations and/or entrepreneurs around the world.

Created in 1987,their first commercial offerings were supplying industrial controls such as lumber and log sorters. Over the years, they have continuously added products to their existing line-up and rapidly became recognized worldwide as pioneers offering solutions in optimization, automation and vision....

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2017-11-22 08:29 |

Integrando la biodiversidad en la planificación territorial de Colombia

Work area: Environmental LawProtected AreasLocation: South America

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2017-11-22 04:37 |

CIFOR scientists explain why at the EAT Food Forum in Jakarta

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2017-11-21 21:29 |

When Kirsten Kaiser the Three Rivers District Ranger called and asked if I would consider being the sawyer for the 2017 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, I just about said no.

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2017-11-21 21:17 |

The Board of Directors would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the wonderful staff of our organization who have worked hard, over many years, to watch over Canada’s forests.

Times certainly have changed since we started operations in 1999. Back then, it was extremely difficult for the public and non-government organizations to access reliable, high-quality satellite imagery. A core mandate of Global Watch Forest Canada has always been to make this information available to the...

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2017-11-21 20:53 | Stakeholders launched the Global Platform for the New York Declaration on Forests, and national REDD+ strategies for Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda during the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany. Forests Day, held on 12 November, featured announcements from Ecuador and Gabon, and the companies of Walmart and Mars Inc.

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2017-11-21 12:58 |

John Deere has announced a new extended stick boom option for the 800MH-Series tracked harvesters. With a design based on customer feedback, the new extended boom stick offers a longer reach option, enabling operators to minimize the number of cut trails.

“With the addition of the extended stick boom option, we are able to meet the needs of customers who require a longer reach, helping them to be more efficient in the woods while meeting local...

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2017-11-21 12:50 | Nov 21,2017---Xinjiang Hengan Paper’s tissue machine (PM25) was successfully started up at the company's Changji mill.The new line is part of Hengan’s expansion plan, according to which Toscotec supplied two new MODULO-PLUS ES tissue lines to the leading Chinese producer. This start-up marks a success based on the great cooperation between the two technical teams.

The installation and commissioning were performed in record time, the shortest in Hengan’s long history, and one of...

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2017-11-21 12:49 | JACKSONVILLE, Fla. & MONTREAL--Nov 21,2017----Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (NYSE:RYAM) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Tembec Inc., combining two complementary high purity cellulose businesses and diversifying its product offerings with integrated forest products, paper, paperboard and newsprint businesses. The combined company, which will operate under the name Rayonier Advanced Materials, will be a stronger, more diversified global leader in its core...

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2017-11-21 12:24 |

Fiji’s Minister for Economy and Climate Change says all countries need to prioritise forest protection and rehabilitation as well as financing of forest ecosystems. Source: Radio New Zealand

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was speaking at the COP23 Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said while progress had been made in protecting ecosystems to enhance resilience to climate change, real incentives were needed to attract more investment in delivering nature based...

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2017-11-21 11:33 | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 21st November 2017—The beautiful, melodious song of the Straw-headed Bulbul may very well be its downfall, as trapping for the Indonesian songbird trade is driving populations to critically low levels.

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2017-11-21 11:32 |

A proposed AU$42 million export facility for woodchips in southern Tasmania is the missing link in the rebuilding of the sector, the forest industry has said.

Southwood Fibre has lodged a development application with the Huon Valley Council for the facility at Strathblane, near Dover, which could create 145 jobs.

Currently bulk wood products from the state’s south are trucked to an export facility at Bell Bay in northern Tasmania, where the product is processed and...

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2017-11-21 10:58 |

A new wood fibre processing facility in southern Tasmania will inject much needed investment, enhance industry efficiency, and create sustainable long-term job opportunities, states CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Mr Ross Hampton.

“AFPA is pleased to back Neville-Smith Forest Products’ announcement of the creation of the new Southwood Fibre forest products export facility,” Mr Hampton said.

“This new facility in the south of the state will complement...

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2017-11-21 04:09 |

At the EAT Food Forum in Jakarta, finding more sustainable ways to feed the world

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2017-11-21 04:04 | Bogor (Indonesia), November 20, 2017 Indonesia has announced that it will host the third Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit next year. The...

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2017-11-21 03:52 | The absentee landlords of Kibaale: Where are they? Rosalia Omungo In Kibaale district in Uganda, 90 percent of landlords are...

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2017-11-21 02:57 |

When Chuck Leavell is touring with The Rolling Stones he is sharing his passion for music and trees.

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2017-11-20 23:44 | A new discovery is providing scientists a better understanding of how rainfall is shared beneficially by the plant community and the human population, in addition to the effects of climate change.


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